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Application development

In a digital ecosystem which is fast paced, the demand for faster apps that are personalised, while being intuitive, is high. As the top web development company in Pune, Sazinga Digital Services provides apps for mobile and web which expand the client reach to even more audience.

Sazinga Digital Services
is the top web development
company in pune

We provide services across domains such as

Small, medium and large enterprises

We ease the complexities that come across in a business.

Start ups

By enhancing start-ups’ efficiency, we give them room to focus upon the works that matter the most.

IT companies

As a back end developer, we bridge resource gaps and meet the technology requirements. The services provided by us encompass:

Web app development services

As aided by the highly dynamic market environment and advancements of new technological landscapes, the demand for web apps that are agile and scalable, and mingle seamlessly with the present systems are high. At Sazinga Digital Services, we develop apps that build business value. Development and maintenance of web apps is complex, and we come across as a technology partner that manages end to end development services for your brand, that augur well for success.

Front end

User interface lays a great deal of an impression on the end user and as the best app development company Pune we work towards creating front ends that enable the best user experience. They are easy to navigate and work across browsers. Our user interfaces look pleasing and are created using multiple technologies in order to deliver the best user experience.

Back end

We work in close coordination with the clients in order to understand their requirements before going ahead with the development processes. The back ends are scalable and ensure that the web apps are reliable. They are characterized by a strong architecture, and involve requisite implementations to meet security concerns as well. The development tools that we use for creating the back end are well aligned with clients’ requirements. An advanced data structure offers detailed insights.


At Sazinga Digital Services, we create a database that is strong and gives clients a competitive edge by making the journey smoother. We work towards enhancing the database that you currently use. We figure out an appropriate database for the extension and keep the integration simple as well.

Mobile application development services

We come across as the best mobile app developers in Pune. Our processes are streamlined and are characterised by flexible delivery models. Our range of expertise in technology and domains is elaborate, such that it enables an even broader reach for our clients globally. Mobile apps developed by Sazinga Digital Services are easy to use and high on functionality and aesthetics. We are the top android application development company in Pune, and our mobile apps operate across all major platforms, such as iOS and Xamarin. Our apps are characterised by exciting features and are scalable, in order to grow with a business. We offer mobile apps for a number of domains, including, healthcare, banking, hospitality industry, apps for sports, entertainment apps, and apps for NGOs. We make sure that the loading and response time for the apps are fast and they are highly aesthetic. They are responsive across different screen sizes, and we also add sections for social media or search, based on consumer requirements. We follow an organized approach for mobile app development, which encompasses:

Quality assurance

We use foolproof methods in order to ensure that the web apps are error free and perform smoothly. The testing methods are organized and incorporate improvements at each stage.


Our mobile apps are future ready and help clients maximize their ROI.

Mobilizing applications

Optimizing the presently used apps for the mobile platforms comes across as a feasible option for a number of businesses, instead of creating all new apps. The mobile apps have a consistent integration and aesthetics as the existing web apps, and the business logic remains the same as well. Cross platform development works towards reducing costs. The mobile apps are highly responsive and the UI/UX design is user friendly.

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