Start Ups


Sazinga Digital Services comes among the top players for providing the finest of business startup support services in Pune. We have an inherent understanding for startup companies and the difficulties they face in the real world.

We create products for business startups and let them accentuate their success story. The business startup services go on to include software development.

We offer IT services for startups and have been of help to several startup companies as IT consulting partners.There are a number of ways in which we empower startup organizations, primarily through our IT startup services.

Starting Days

We offer services as a startup product development company. With our services, startups are empowered to get the minimum viable product out in the market on 1 to 3 months.

We aid with service points such as refinement of the initial idea, brainstorming sessions, creating a product blueprint, design and development for MVP, and aiding with figuring out and implementing the best marketing strategies.

Development of minimum viable product essentially comes across as one of our core competencies. The two defining features of minimum viable product are that it effectively solves the primary problem, and that it can be bought out to the market in minimum time. Creation of MVP calls for prudent investment of man-hours and finances.

Through The Expansion

We are an IT services providing company at a global scale. We offer a comprehensive range of product life cycle services for businesses, through the segments of latest and upcoming technologies.

One of our key focus areas lies upon framing ideas in a manner such that they become viable for the long term. The services go on to encompass staff augmentation, optimization of performance, analytics, usability assessment, and bringing about changes in architecture to boost prospects of scalability. We also offer security improvement methods for startups.

Our UX services enable startups to get the best possible response at every stage of customer interaction. We ensure a personalized experience for the end customers with our UX design. These services are often required through the scaling stages for the startups, wherein they bring in slight changes in their initial working methodologies in order to facilitate enhancement. We render software testing and testing automation services for startup agencies as well.

Comprehensive product engineering

Our product engineering services are intended towards creating, enhancing and scaling products. They last through the entire product life cycle.

Re Engineering

Our product re engineering services help startups make their products more feasible and marketable, and boost their success rates. We offer services like assessing the applications that exist, identifying pain areas and creating a strategy for future goals.