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Augment your team by hiring the best ruby developers. Boost your Ruby projects with top-level expertise ideas on how to hire remote ruby developers.

Why Sazinga for Ruby Team

We select the best Ruby developers after testing their expertise in many areas like Python, Ruby on Rails, React, JavaScript, AWS, Node.js, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Typescript, etc. As remote work requires strong communication skills, our vetting process ensures that the developer has excellent collaboration and problem-solving skills.

The top 4 reasons why you should choose A Sazinga to hire remote Ruby developers team:

Ease of Choosing
the Best

From the pool of experts, choose the one who can understand your needs and help you grow.

Faster Upsizing and
Downsizing You Team

Our Services allow You to quickly Increase or Decrease your Team Size based on the needs of your Project

Improve Productivity

Take Control of Your Project by getting your desired team to ensure Maximum Productivity

Save on Employee
Retention Costs

Expand or Reduce your Remote Team Size by Hiring Part-Time or Full-Time Developers only for the Duration of your Project

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How to hire remote Ruby developers
for your team

Ruby is a scripting language built from the ground up for building and maintaining reusable Ruby applications. Although much of its popularity comes from its extension Ruby on Rails, it still has many uses like web scraping, static site generation, command-line tools, automation, DevOps, and data processing.

  • Ruby is one of the most widely used programming languages to build web applications and arguably easier to write and understand than its other counterparts.
  • It offers a wide range of modules that allow the addition of new functionality, ultimately saving lots of time and effort.
  • A senior Ruby developer is expected to write effective and scalable code to build back-end components for web applications.
  • Its creator Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto had worked with Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp. He blended the best features of these programming languages to create Ruby. This is the reason why it is often called a language of careful balance
  • Since Ruby is ideal for scaling and efficieny, choose and hire remote ruby developers who has fair experience in all these technologies.

What to look for while Hiring
Remote back-end Developers?

Sourcing to hire the best Back-end developer suitable for your business can be a difficult as well as time-consuming task. To ease the process, Sazinga assists all companies who want to recruit back-end developers on their own. Sazinga offers the best remote back-end developers pre-vetted for a Silicon Valley standard. Sazinga augments the best remote back-end developers after testing their expertise in several areas like Python, Java, PHP, SQL, Git, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others.

Here are some key things that you need to verify when you hire a remote Ruby developer

MVC is the design pattern where the M or Model is used to handle data and logic, V or Views handles graphical interface, and C or Controller handles the user interface and application. The Ruby on Rails framework has three well-defined subdirectories: models, views, and the controller. Hence, you should hire remote Ruby developers who has senior level of experience.

Basic familiarity with SQL is an absolute necessity when developing software. Although when it comes to hire remote Ruby developers, it is necessary to check basics of SQL to comprehend logs more better. However, ActiveRecord helps the ruby developers by fetching the accurate SQL queries required for developing software.

Bugs are a regular occurrence in software development. Therefore, before any real-time release, it is crucial to first quality check the developed software. Even though companies typically have a separate testing team, you should hire senior Ruby developers who know the pattern of running the dummy commands and recognizing the loopholes at the initial stage.

Object-oriented programming or OOP allows developers to create classes and its objects where objects are the real-world representation and classes define the object’s behavior. So, when you hire senior Ruby developers, make sure they are familiar with the basics like the difference between inheritance vs. composition, creating lambdas, and other OOP concepts.

Staff Augmentation Process

4 Easy steps to kick off your next project with the best remote developers


Get in touch

Fill the form and tell us what skills you need and how we can connect with you



Get a list of pre-vetted remote engineers from our pool of skilled developers



Interview the developers you choose and on-board the most suitable candidates


All Set

You are all set to launch your development process with the best developers

Top Vetted Candidates

Full Stack Developer

6+ Years

A dedicated full stack developer with 
6 years of experience in application development. Who can handle both the front and back ends of a website or application with a strong attention to detail and experience in fast-paced team environments.

Java Developer

6+ Years

A competent and diligent professional having experience in implementing and managing high-performance scalable web applications with efficient code and performance; in development, reporting, and bug resolution.

.NET Developer

6+ Years

A skillful professional having 18+ years of technical experience and 16+ years of .Net technology knowledge. Hire this developer to contribute to the entire development life cycle of your crucial projects and close up the delivery pipeline.

Things to know


Things to know

Each new developer is provided with a unique relevant test task. Sazinga’s senior developer also conducts a technical interview to confirm the candidates’ ability to deliver.



It’s very important to find such a member to the team or a team of those who are on the same page with the culture of your company. We ensure that the candidate fits in your company’s values.



A team member must understand the language of the team. Sazinga’s experts check must-have traits like initiative, proactivity, English level, and great communication skills.


Ruby developers is aka backend software developers. They usually create databases, libraries, and logic required to run the application successfully. They especially use Ruby on Rails with other frameworks and languages to scale applications as per requirements.

Sazinga is one of the best ruby developer providers. To reach us, just fill out the form and our team touches your base to discuss further. In the end, Sazinga offers you an ideal ruby developer.

RoR developers must have the following skillset: fair knowledge of Mock, MVC, and RESTful. Experienced in handling multiple databases into one system. Knowledge of basic design principles for app development. Also, a ruby developer should be enough skilled in these code versioning tools like GIT, Mercurial, and SVN.

Ruby on Rails is an ideal backend framework used for various web application development. Efficiency and Scalability are the major advantages offered by RoR. Using RoR, developers create rich functions by just writing a few lines of code.

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