Responsive Web Apps

Responsive web apps are important because a website should be user-friendly over a smartphone. Sazinga Digital Services comes across as the top responsive web design company in Pune.

Responsive web design characteristically includes mobile design features such as text that is readable without zooming, making sufficient room for tap targets and no horizontal scrolling required to view a website. As the preferred responsive web designing service in Pune, at Sazinga digital services, we take care of all these parameters.

Responsive web apps that makes
a website future proof

If a website is mobile friendly customer retention is high and bounce rates are low. The make the user experience positive. Another important advantage of responsive web design is that it makes a website SEO friendly.

With a significant portion of online searches being performed over smartphone, optimizing a website across all devices is essential. Responsive web apps are a significant way to achieve this.

Let us take a look at the methodology that we use for
creating responsive web apps

In order to create a responsive design, the essential components required include a design system and across devices, there should be a hierarchy of content.

Fluid grid

We use a fluid grid in order to create a responsive web design. This ensures that web design is scalable and flexible. The spacing among elements stays proportionate across screen sizes. Adjustment is defined by percentages.

Media queries

Media queries are codes used across responsive websites. It defines the flexibility of a layout. The CSS which needs to be applied to a particular situation is defined by media queries. It is also subject to a device’s breakpoint. iPhone portrait orientation and iPad landscape orientation have different breakpoints.

Flexible text and images

The text should be readable under all circumstances, irrespective of the screen size. We achieve the effect over mobile responsive websites by increasing font size and line height. This adds legibility to the written content and lets us come across as the top responsive web design service. Text and images are flexible. They adjust within layout grid, based upon content hierarchy set with the CSS, which is the stylesheet. By using the technique, we keep the text legible across all devices. There are cases wherein text wraps when font sizes increase. Flexible images are generally more difficult as compared to flexible text. When creating a responsive app, flexible text and flexible images are both used. We define a priority for creating the best possible mobile experience for a user. The content which is most essential is displayed on priority when screen size is small. Images can scale, disappear or crop in order to make room for the text.

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