Managed IT operations

Sazinga Digital Services comes across as the top managed IT solution provider in Pune. We enable access for highly knowledgeable and proficient IT staff for any of the services that you may require. The assignments are then accomplished only a fraction of the cost compared to the expenditures involved with accomplishing the work in-house. Our services ensure that you do not require hiring trained IT staff for your projects. It saves upon time, money and man hours, as there would be no requirement for creation and maintenance of network infrastructure. We offer managed IT solutions for a number of requirements that a client may have, such as maintaining data centers or creating a comprehensive customer care solution.


Sazinga Digital Services enables reliable and efficient annual maintenance contract AMC (support) services for the clients. Upkeep of infrastructure such as internet servers, computers and laptops comes across as a difficulty for a number of organizations. This may result in issues such as downtimes and loss of revenue and efficiency.

AMC support services provided by us not just keeps the equipment performing to the optimum, but also detects issues before they actually occur. This allows an IT firm to perform at its best.

Our AMC services encompass onsite and remote support, monitoring network security, standby backups and spares, antivirus upgrades and restoring the functionality of equipment.

We are dedicated towards the quality of our services and offer comprehensive solutions for AMC. For our clients, we come across as reliable, dependable and resourceful.

Data backup and disaster recovery form a part of our portfolio as well.

We invariably adhere by the best business practices and our work is transparent.

Technical expertise, a good coordination with the clients and a high availability of spare parts are features of our support services.

Staff augmentation

Sazinga Digital Services comes across as the top choice for IT staff augmentation services. We offer top quality IT talent at a global scale. The resources are available for both, augmentation of IT skills or for reducing project turnaround time. With our services, organizations come across the most requisite IT talent for their projects at the best rates in the industry. The staff augmentation services can be availed in minimum time, in a way that effectively meets the project requirements. You can hire the resources in numbers that meets your unique requirements.

With our staff augmentation services, you can boost your IT team instantaneously so as to boost work efficiency. The resources available have varied specialization across different skills and IT domains, and we achieve candidate retention rates that super-exceed industry standards. They meet short term and long term requirements alike for the clients.

With our services, capital and operational costs are both mitigated. While risks associated with IT projects reduce, the work efficiency enhances.

IT products can be launched faster, and dedicated resources that we offer effectively meet tight schedules. This works towards ensuring higher satisfaction rates for our clients.

We come out as among the top staff augmentation companies and our clients have a choice at hiring IT resources at an hourly rate basis.

The teams operate from our premises, and you also have a choice at selecting the most suited IT talent based upon their profile.

We effectively render our services for complex and long term projects. IT skillsets of our resources compliment those of your staff.

As a client, you’d exercise entire control over the IT team. You can bring about a change in the requirement specification or ways in which the project is implemented.

This ensures complete peace of mind for the clients and they can then focus on their core capabilities. It also boosts the number of projects the clients deliver at the same time.

Our IT staff augmentation teams initiate operations after gaining a deep understanding of clients’ requirements for the project. The resources are possessed with detailed know how and have relevant IT experience to effectively meet your requirements. At Sazinga Digital Services, we are committed towards building long term relationships with our clients and offer the best quality IT resources for them. You can hire the resource for the time duration you prefer.

Managed services

With our managed services, the processes of adapting to dynamic market circumstances are simplified for the clients. This works towards boosting performance and productivity alike.We stand by our portfolio of infrastructure services and applications, and come across as one of the top managed service providers in Pune. Among our top capabilities is effective anticipation and management of change across business and technology processes. We deliver benefits that are measurable and tangible alike.

This puts us in a position to bring innovation and cost optimization in IT operations while boosting the efficiency as well. Our services work by restructuring the operating model which in turn boosts business agility. The initial step is always to understand client requirements in detail. Our approach towards each customer engagement is unique, so as to ensure that the services we develop effectively meet client requirements.

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