Email Marketing

Sazinga digital services come across as the best bulk email marketing company in Pune. We design aesthetic newsletters to keep the customer engaged. The newsletter may have actionable information as well.

Email marketing makes it easier for an end user to connect with a brand. We design newsletters strategically and in accordance with a brand’s objectives. They may have a call to action or redirect a consumer to a website for email marketing in Pune.

Email marketing simplifies connecting with a number of users, all at once. Contact list could be a website’s prior customer’s, who are more likely to avail the services of a brand again. An organization can use newsletters to inform the consumers about offers that would interest them or new products or services that they may have launched.

There may be many contact lists, created to classify consumers in accordance with demographics or interests. Different newsletters can be defined for different contact lists and sent over with a single click with our services. This makes email marketing among the most cost effective strategies of online marketing. Customers across domains such as banking, insurance, ecommerce, automotive, and retail avail our email marketing services.

Sazinga Digital Services is the best bulk email marketing company in Pune

Email Analytics

A much utilitarian aspect of our email marketing services is email analytics, which involves tools to track and analyze email marketing. Real time reports give data about the number of emails opened. This helps us define strategies for the right times for sending the emails and how frequently should we send over the newsletters, in a way that meets business objectives effectively for clients. Just like email opening rates can be monitored, link click rates can also be monitored. This gives a brand a better idea about how links should be placed in a newsletter. Bounced email tracking gives a better idea about ids that are not accepting emails. Similarly, a consumer can have option to unsubscribe from the mailing list at a single click.

Simplified processes

The clients do not have to worry about configuring email servers or installing email software.

Easy to design newsletters

Newsletters are very often easy to design by using pre-built templates. Drag and drop elements make it easier to create media rich newsletters in a variety of catchy color schemes.

Various plans depending on consumer requirements

Variable plans are available for consumers based upon their unique requirements. Different plans are suitable for sending out a few hundred emails and hundreds of thousands of emails. Irrespective of client requirements, we have a feasible plan for them in place.

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