Digital Marketing

We take digital marketing to the level of performance marketing. Our services are comprehensive and while they bring profits instantaneously, they deliver value for a brand as well.

The services are sustainable for long term and short term marketing campaigns alike.

Sazinga digital services comes across as a top digital marketing company in pune

The consumer lies at the core of each of our digital marketing intents. A sound research of consumer decision making process helps us decide the best suitable strategies for a marketing campaign.

This involves consumers across all touchpoints, paid, owned and earned. The experiences that we create for consumers are consistent in thematic schemes and personalized while being highly dynamic as well. It is consumer intent that we transform into conversions.

Let us take a look at a few of our prime capabilities as the best digital marketing company:

Content that drives sales

Enticing content drives purchase decision and often performs better than ads. But a number of brands nevertheless see content creation and SEO as black box techniques.

Content should instead come across a metric that delivers performance in terms of an organization’s goals for ROI. Among our top content related capabilities are SEO, conversion optimization, creating content for the landing page, reputation management, content creation and UX design.

Search engine optimization

With SEO services as enabled by Sazinga Digital Services, client’s business grows.

The website gets higher search engine rankings with SEO services that are highly result oriented. With proper use of keywords, the website is noticed by a requisite targeted audience cross section.

The advantage obtained by a website with the use of proper SEO techniques is tremendous, with over 40,000 Google searches being conducted every second. As more consumers gain access to the website, brand awareness enhances and odds of getting good sales are higher as well. A number of businesses have received a substantial bit of success based upon high search engine rankings of their websites, enticing content and a feasible web design.

At Sazinga Digital Services, we keep our efforts towards SEO for websites transparent by sharing performance metrics such as search engine positions, lead sources, traffic and custom goals.

Our SEO services are performed in house. The keywords for which the websites score high are highly relevant to the context.

While services such as social media marketing, website optimization and advertising are high quality that build brand image and add to its value, they are all oriented towards enabling high search engine rankings for a website.

Similarly, packages for SEO are tailored specifically for each brand, based upon their target audiences, specific goals and budget. Each organization is unique and SEO efforts too are driven in a way that works optimally for a brand.

The first step for SEO optimization of a website is business evaluation and analysis for a site. Upon familiarizing ourselves with a client’s business and understanding the target audience, we analyze the site in terms of mapping, code, keyword density, and make a note of strengths and weakness of a site. A strategy for enabling high search engine rankings for a website is then set up by the use of technical prerequisites for SEO, such as dashboards, tools and analytic systems.

Optimization for SEO involves cleanup of content, code, architecture and keyword usage among other metrics. Similarly ongoing optimization involves blogging, consultation, link building and on page optimization.

Leveraging consumer metrics to the best advantage

The consumer today exhibits complexities that must be understood and deciphered. He is empowered to make decisions and uses technology from many channels in order to find an alternative that best meets his preferences.

For coming across as high performers, a brand must make sure that each of their communications is consistently personalized, relevant and engaging at the same time.

At Sazinga Digital, we make efforts towards delivering highly customer centric marketing efforts, which initiates with planning based upon customer intent. It involves audience insights, a hypothesis of intent and audits for technology, data and content.

A brand is then in a position to develop a digital persona and competitive insights. The digital strategy is maintained to be consistent through a campaign such that a consumer finds it easier to associate with a brand.

The top digital marketing services enabled by us include

Social media marketing

Social engine marketing

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