Marketing Collaterals

At Sazinga Digital Services, we are characterized by creation of exciting design elements and visual communication.

The collaterals that we create drive the clients’ brand image and ideas with a high degree of clarity, and they highlight the prime offerings as well.


Nurturing sustainable relationships with the clients comes across as one of our essential working methodologies. It also helps us bring a high degree of professionalism and consistency in our works. We recognize that marketing collaterals play an important part in branding activities for an organization. Our world class services extend for clients across various niches, ranging from MNCs and SMBs to educational institutions and NGOs.

Our expertise varies across segregated product segments, and we also have an expertise in the production of bulk orders for the clients in minimum turnout time and at the best prices in the industry. The time to market for the advertising material is hence reduced by a significant extent.

We design a variety of collaterals, including e mailers, brochures, flyers, product data sheets, stickers, visiting cards, letterhead envelope design, packaging design and posters. Each of the collateral categories is characterised by its uniqueness and are highly aesthetic. The clarity of the content ensures that they create a positive impact over the consumers.

Marketing collaterals can come across as definitive materials for building brand value. The visual presentation, content and typographic elements are designed so as to build an emotional connect with the viewer, while not losing focus from the brand story. The collateral materials such as brochures and visiting cards are characterized by their simplicity. The white spaces are meticulously used so as to give them a pleasing look and make them easy to go through. Consistency maintained through the brochures keeps the overall impact positive.

While the call to action is placed in a way that maximises the impact, the written content finds sync with the target audience and is a true reflection of the brand. We are involved with the design of each step for the collaterals, from conception right through to implementation. In order to make sure that the collaterals effectively convey the ideas as desired by clients, we keep in touch with the clients and keep them informed over the developments at each stage.

Brochure Printing

As the top collateral design agency in pune,we specialize in all aspects of brochure printing and come up with ideas that nicely meet client's preferences and tastes

one side, to two fold and three fold brochures. At Sazinga Digital Services, we specialize in creating brochures that let your organization stand apart from the rest.

A brochure that feels right conveys a lot about brand value even before the viewer goes through it. They can be made with a spot UV coating.

Embossed logos convey the quality and bring a 3d effect to the brochures. The unfolding lets you define simple ways in which the brand conveys its story.

We offer numerous ways for brands to go ahead with their logos, folds, text, presentation, and sizes as well. Consumers have a choice at going for a glossy coating for the images, which make them stand out.

Products launch materials

Product launch materials Pune comes across an important category among marketing collaterals, and we are a preferred agency for creating quality product launch materials. They account for effective product direct marketing. By laying the right kind of an impression over the target audience, they aid in enhancing the sales of a product or services for a brand.

Product launch materials designed by Sazinga Digital Services are catchy and pleasantly attention grabbing. They convey the core ideas in a short, concise and an instant manner. Product sheet brochures are crisp and convey the underlying idea of a brand effectively.

The collaterals nicely compliment the brand’s sales strategies and with their positive communication and marketing. We aid in the design of web banners, newsletters and advertisements. The services further go on to include packaging design, posters and infographics.

Business card designing services

Sazinga Digital Services comes across as the top choice for business card design services Pune and creates business cards that lay the right kind of an impression over the customers mind.

It very often happens that a business card is the only means by which a customer knows a brand and when well designed and catchy, it helps build trust. People then give more weightage to the individual who has a business card that defines his profile, contact details and organization.

There are many ways of designing business cards. They can be subject to the individual’s profile and reflect his stature. A business card in white looks solid and simple. It is very often used by people across a number of industries such as banking.

In the same way, people from tooling, hardware and manufacturing industries may have a colour scheme in grey and light blue for a business card.

People in media and advertising agencies may have a colour scheme of brighter colours such as red or yellow for their business cards. People in the hospitality industry sometimes choose to have a black colour scheme for their visiting cards.

IThe typographies used are a true reflection for the brand and convey the image effectively. A few of the business cards are printed over just one side while a few are printed on both sides. One side can have a brand’s logo and the other has contact details for an individual.

Creating business cards aesthetically and uniquely gives a competitive edge to a business, and makes it come across as dependable. At Sazinga Digital Services, we have a number of custom templates for customers to select for their business cards. The cards can have a number of finishes, such as matte and glossy.

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